Keep Ad Astra Open!

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Ad Astra pool at 83rd Street and Maurer is closing after the 2019 season. The city has stated there are many reasons why the pool will be closing-including, but not limited to, low attendance, poor physical condition, accessibility issues, large size and expense. The city has mentioned adding multiple splash pads around the city instead of having the pool. The city has mentioned they are still seeking input from surrounding neighborhood regarding the future of this area.  

Lenexa residents have expressed their concern to council members over the last several months and continue to do so today. Some key concerns/frustrations community members have expressed are as follows:

-Many of the subdivisions around Ad Astra do not have neighborhood pools due to  Ad Astra being so close. Neighborhood kids are currently able to safely walk/bike to Ad Astra pool without having to cross a heavy traffic street. Crossing 87th street is the only way these kids now will able able to get over to Indian Trails pool. With this street being so busy there is a concern with how safe it is for kids to get safely across.

-Indian Trails pool is currently already over crowded with not enough seating- If Ad Astra were to close that would add to the issue. (Additional 3-4 bus loads of JCPRD kids to Indian Trails)

-Ad Astra is the only pool that provides  lap lanes.

-Splash parks only target a specific age group.

The goal of this petition is to keep Ad Astra open! Many of our neighborhoods are turning over and more young families are moving in. Over the years Ad Astra has lost a few of its appealing amenities, such as the high dive and baby pool. Many Lenexa citizens would like the pool to remain open and instead of adding multiple splash pads around the city, consider renovating the current pool, which we believe would increase attendance issues.