Save Western Speedway, westshore MX, and all fun rec. from development

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As of recent the lot in which western speedway has resided since 1954 has been listed for sale as part of an estate. It’s come to my and many others knowledge that there is a current pending offer on the property. As the province of British Columbia, the township of Langford, Mayor Stewart Young, and all councillors involved plus a process of votes deemed this location a provincial stop of interest in which thee stop of interest sign was erected on location in 2017 this making Western Speedway the 176th sign to be placed. The process leading up to this decision meant western Speedway was in a list of 500 other locations to  potentially earn that designation in which only 75 did. Stop of Interest signs are recognizable stops that invite travellers to take time to reflect on people, places, and events that have helped to shape British Columbia’s history. The sign tells all Vancouver island and BC residents that the municipal and provincial levels of government have recognized the history and importance that western speedway has not just locally but provincially. Western speedway is 66 years old and is thee oldest running race track in western Canada. It is a paving ground and stepping stone for those involved in many different aspects of competitive motor sports. We have seen the likes of Billy Foster(first Canadian to race in the Indianapolis 500), and Roy Smith(3 time Daytona 500 racer) start here. Western Speedway has also had the pleasure of having many legendary racers Put rubber to the track like Nascars Bobby Allison and two time Indianapolis 500 champion Roger ward. This location carry’s an unbelievable magnitude of generational memories for most if not all in the greater Victoria region, Vancouver island, and B.C. including myself. It’s not just the home to a speedway with exponential significance, it’s the home to a batting cage that young aspiring athletes use to practice, a mini golf course where families enjoy outdoor activities, a go cart track that allows people to let loose from the rules of the roads and kids to allow their imaginations run wild, it houses the Victoria Auto Racing hall of fame and museum, an RV park that currently is a place many call home year round, and last but not least westshore motocross in the back corner between the race track and the upper industrial park. I also truly believe that since the inaugural season of capital drift that if the statistics were available you’d see a drastic decrease in “stunting” motor vehicle infractions within the southern Vancouver island. I write this letter on behalf of many concerned residents of Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. and I’m sure western Canada with uncertainty of the property if this sale is completed. If this property is allowed to be developed many people will lose their local hobbies, the ability to refine their skills, and in general just their escape from life and a place to forget everything except what’s currently in front of them....happiness. There are many men, women, boys, and girls that have a tremendous amount of skills in auto racing (stock, sprint, demo, drift, drag, etc) and in motocross who need this facility to survive in order to continue advancing skills and taking the heart of Victoria, B.C. into other cities, provinces, and even countries to compete in their discipline. Aside from the obvious of losing the everyday enjoyment this place gives many of us we also lose the seasonal jobs perfect for entry level high school students, businesses owned by locals, and the business the all of these bring to other local business. These cars on this track need maintenance, need parts, need gas, have sponsors. Same goes for the bikes in the back which also deal a lot with action motorcycles. Losing this facility would not only have a significant emotional impact on many but a negative economical impact on the greater Victoria region.