Protect Willing Park!

Protect Willing Park!

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Started by Ashleigh Hooks

The community of Valley View Estates petitions the City of Langford to reconsider the relocation of the Victoria Bowman's Association in Willing Park. 

Please help save Willing Park - our backyard, a sanctuary for kids, pets, and all of us alike! If you enjoy having a greenspace within our community sign this petition and email to express your concerns!

On September 30th of 2020, an open house was held to discuss the plan for the archery club to relocate to Willing Park.

Cory Manton, the manager of parks and rec, and Lanny Seaton, a member of city council delivered the associations new plans for Willing Park. Some of the plans mentioned are as follows:

  • to pave a parking lot within the park that would involve tearing down trees and taking away green space and also relocating the parks trail.
  • build a 12 foot berm around the field and a 9 foot concrete wall on top of the berm.
  • A chain link fence will also be installed around the field.
  • Two giant seacans will be placed in the field for storage.
  • The archery range plans to be open from sunrise to sundown - year round. This makes it virtually impossible for families, kids and dog owners to use this space as a dog run during the day.
  • There was mention that championships and other events will be held at the range that would cause an influx of traffic in our neighbourhood and without a doubt will further the issues of parking on Wild Ridge Way. 

We were advised relocating to Willing Park is the most cost effective option for the association, but at what cost to the residents and wildlife of our community?

The installation of this archery range will be a very obnoxious eye sore right at the heart of our neighbourhood. A lot of us here do not have backyards and use this park all day long for recreation. This is a huge factor in de-valuing our homes as many of us purchased a house here because of the direct access to nature within our neighbourhood!

Members of the archery club do not live here and do not care about this park the same way the tax paying members of this community do.

If we do not voice our concerns and petition this, it sounds as though the association will be given the go ahead to take over our backyard.

We urge the city of Langford to:

  • Suspend indefinitely any and all plans to relocate the Victoria Bowman's Association to Willing Park.
  • Cease plans to pave green space, build concrete walls, and remove trees in Willing Park.
  • Consider a location that is not full of children, young families, and pets.
  • Consider suggestions from residents of this neighbourhood on how this space should be used in the future.

Please sign this petition and help keep Willing Park safe from destruction! We will present this petition to city council for their consideration.  

Again, feel free to email to voice your concern as well!

Thank you.

"Willing Park - Building a Community for Everyone" (not just archers of the Bowman's Association).



1,433 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!