Allow Child with Cystic Fibrosis to Keep Her Dog, a Pit Bull

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  Aleeah is a 4-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis. Recently, she, her father, and their two dogs moved in with Aleeah’s grandma in Lakewood, Ohio to get help with Aleeah’s care. Every day, Aleeah endures two brutal breathing treatments, which consist of a compression vest hooked to a machine that shakes Aleeah’s chest vigorously for 15 minutes. It promises to help her breathe, but such treatment is scary for a young girl. Luckily, Aleeah always has her beloved friend, Scrappy, by her side. Scrappy is one of her dogs and her most devoted companion. She sings “The Scrappy Song” over and over during her treatments to keep her happy.

Unfortunately, this happiness may end because the city is threatening to take Scrappy away from Aleeah due to an outdated ban on pit bulls. Scrappy is as gentle as a lamb and has never hurt anyone. Please join me in calling on the Lakewood City Council to reverse their archaic breed-specific legislation and allow Scrappy to stay with Aleeah. Aleeah’s family is currently awaiting results from Scrappy’s DNA test: if he is found to be at least 50% pit, the city can take him away. This would be so traumatic for Aleeah, who counts on Scrappy to see her through the dark moments in her battle with this vicious chronic disease.

Since Lakewood’s breed specific legislation was enacted in 2008, many studies have proven that there is no scientific basis for it -- viciousness is an individual trait, and treating dogs as “breeds” is ineffective and inhumane. Furthermore, such legislation was never meant for cases like Aleeah’s; a case where the owner so clearly needs this dog for her physical and emotional wellbeing. We can’t let them be so black-and-white on this issue. Aleeah will be devastated if she loses Scrappy, and why would they want to punish Aleeah? Please, let’s join forces and show the Lakewood City Council how much support Aleeah and Scrappy have in their community and beyond. Please demand that they allow Scrappy to stay with Aleeah.

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