Safe crossing for Thames Promenade at Drinan/Bertrand Roads

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We are starting a petition in the hope Kingston Council and Vic Roads will look at providing a safe crossing on Thames Promenade around Drinan and Bertrand Roads. Not only is this crossing used by families on route to school and kinder/childcare, but also by commuters and residents accessing the station and shops via Chelsea Road. There is no safe crossing for 1km from the bike track pedestrian lights to Station St. 

Chelsea Primary, St Josephs Primary, Chelsea Kindergarten, Kindy Patch along with the World of Learning Childcare Centres are all within 800 meters of Thames Promenade. Kingston Council is involved in 'Safe Routes to School' initiatives but are failing our primary schools in Chelsea by not providing a safe route across Thames Prom. There are many families that are affected by this road crossing and many choosing not to walk/ride/scoot due to safety concerns.

Parents and residents have raised their concerns for years to no avail, and many were hoping that the Thames Promenade improvement works would address the problem, but only Chelsea Heights Primary has benefited in regards to a safer crossing with the set of pedestrian lights installed.  

With the new works to the skate park and Bicentennial Park it's accident waiting to happen, there have already been a few close calls and it's only a matter of time before it's something serious.

Please help by signing the petition and sharing.