BAN Bullriding in Kelowna, BC

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Bullriding is animal abuse and Polls show that 66 percent of BC residents and 63 percent of Canadians are opposed to rodeos including bull riding. They are the potential tourists, customers and investors who could contribute to the prosperity and well-being of Kelowna. People prefer non-controversial, family-friendly, cruelty-free entertainment, not out-dated spectacles of animal abuse.

1. Bulls are living beings that experience pain and suffering.
2. Bulls are caged and confined. They are taken away from their natural environments and enslaved for human entertainment.
3. Bull riding is not family entertainment but rather a violent sport. Many bulls and riders are injured, sometimes fatally.
4. A “flank strap” is tied around the bull’s sensitive hindquarter to make him buck. The bull bucks wildly, clearly being tormented by the flank strap and the desire to get the rider off.
5. Although illegal, bulls may be injected with anabolic steroids or anti-inflammatories to make bulls stronger and more aggressive. One rodeo participant stated “Oh, I think damn near everybody’s doing it”. A rider at the 2013 Calgary Stampede was suspended after two steers were found to have 2 different drugs in their system.
6. Bulls are subjected to stress and fear during long distance travel to and from the event.  Temperatures can be extreme and animals are often without water for long stretches.
7. Bull-riding was never part of real ranching. It was invented as a sensational event for rodeo. No real cowboy ever rode bulls as part of ranch work.
8. Bulls are not like human athletes, as they have no choice on whether to participate. It’s hard to believe a bull would choose to be subjected to the stress caused by this event.
9. The only message that bull riding gives to society is that it is acceptable to treat animals brutally. For children, this is surely an undesirable moral lesson.
10. Subjecting animals to stress and fear for the sake of entertainment is unethical and unacceptable. No animal should suffer for the sake of human amusement. Just because an activity is popular does not mean it is morally acceptable. Many activities that were considered popular and socially acceptable in the past are no longer tolerated, such as: circus freak shows featuring disabled and deformed people; black and white minstrel shows; cock-fighting; bear baiting, etc. As society seeks to become more civilized many such activities are banned.