Kalamazoo needs more recycling!

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Most of us want to save the earth and do our part where we can, and aside from the little things like picking up trash, leaving natural food out for wildlife, or planting new foliage, a solid large percent of Kalamazoo county does not recycle. All that plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, appliances, and etc is just being buried, incinerated, or sold to other countries like China and Malaysia for cheap materials. And in those other countries what can't be used, is tossed, and makes the people and wildlife suffer with trash. 

Through this petition I strongly encourage the officials of Kalamazoo county begin work on an ambitious project that not only would begin to save our environment, but come across as great role models as well. By 2021, Kalamazoo needs to implement many accessible recycling bins/centers for all kinds of objects. Paper, cardboard, metals, nylons, all plastics, appliances, and even food waste. Recycling bins/centers should be available for use for everybody in Kalamazoo county. Every school should have to teach the importance of how to properly sort recyclables, and have these several bins available to them. Every hospital, prison, or large business in general NEEDS to have those things readily available to them.

By creating new recycling routines, new jobs are created to properly recycle materials, and future recycling centers will have a spike in productivity. In turn this creates more occupations and a greater step towards greener jobs and their impact on us and the environment. In 2019 there are 75,807 people living in Kalamazoo, which daily creates heaps of garbage. If at least 12,000 of those residents were all suddenly capable of recycling materials properly, the amount of trash produced a day would be cut to by a generous third if not more.  

Every year we burn and bury metric tons of garbage in Michigan alone, but we can cut that by a great portion by 2021 with these bins available. 

Please help and support our planet, our city, people and wildlife and vote for your support today to put all types of recycling bins and centers available to everybody by 2021! We CAN do it! Thank you all very much! 
If given the choice, people will generally want to do the right thing.