Bring back the verge bulk waste collection

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A decision was made on Petition to "reinstate the Bulk Verge Collection" last night. We cannot get the old system back due to "economic & environmental benefits for skip collection" according to administration, Mayor and some councillors.
The silverline of this result is that it will allow more white goods and mattresses in one collection. Extra hard waste bin can be purchased at contract price.  Besides, city acknowledge the issue of loading bulk waste from verge into the bin and ask CEO to further explore the solution for it.
If you have any issue in regards to the council hard waste skip bin, don't forget to let our councillors know. We will need councillors on our side to perfect council's service on residents' merit.

PETITION STATUS (updated 08/11/2017 as per Infrastructure Services of City of Joondalup)

In relation  to  the  petition  requesting  Council  reinstate  bulk  waste  verge collections, a report was proposed to be presented to Council at its meeting to be held on 21 November 2017.  However, due to more pressing matters the report is NOW RESCHEDULED for consideration by Council at either the February or March 2018 Council meeting.  Delaying the report also provides the City the opportunity to assess data over a longer period of time to better inform our decision making processes.

Thanks for all your support!  Will keep you all updated if anything changes.


Petition Submitted to council 11/07/2017.  Thanks to Cr Nige Jones for helping.


Please bring back the old verge bulk waste collection at City of Joondalup.  The old system is recycling to the max. Most stuff gets taken and therefore less goes into landfill.  The old system is also more friendly and easy to follow.  The new bulk collection system that is very restricted but creates more trouble and still costs us the same council rates. 

There are a lot of complaints against the new system.  Below is just some of them from the residents:

  1. The skip bin got a lot of limitations.  For example, if you asked council to pick up a lounge, then you cannot order a 3 cubic metre skip.  Below is the list of what residents can request per financial year.  
    • One 3 cubic metre skip / or lounge suite
    • One white good
    • One mattress 
  2. The skip bin council provide do not have a ramp or a door.  It is not possible to lift large items over the shouder into the bin.  The definition of bulk waste according to local law is household items up to 1.5 metres in length and 70 kg in weight.  It is easy to put furnitures on the verge, but lifting it over the shoulder into the bin could cause us a serious injury.
  3. A random person can dump things into the bin and council refuse to take it.  Resident have to either fined for failing to comply ($200-500) or keep the rubbish which actually does not belong to them.
  4. The time for dumping things into the bin is limited.  Residents can only keep the skip bin for 2 nights and 1 day.  The bin might be delivered any time between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m..  It even comes with rubbish would not be cleaned until next morning sometimes.  It is literally one day.  The old system used to run almost twice a year with one week of preparation time.  It is far less time we have in the new skip bin system.
  5. Etc, etc...  I could not list enough.  Residents comments are welcomed.

Dear Mayor Troy Pickard, please bring back the old bulk collection system.  We want our verge bulk waste collection back!