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City of Ithaca, Town of Ithaca, NY State Department of Transportation: Pave a sidewalk on 96B

Every year, we hear about another initiative to try to get the city and town of Ithaca to work together to put in a sidewalk between IC campus and downtown. Students and residents try to drink responsibly, be environmentally friendly, or simply use the transportation they were born with, and walk to the commons every day, but it's just not safe to walk from South Hill to downtown. Whether along the most direct route, 96, or Coddington/Hudson, there is no fully paved sidewalk for Ithacans to use. The well-tread cow paths that mark the treck made by thousands of students and Ithaca residents should be evidence enough that there is a need for this sidewalk. Few seem to have noticed the history of multiple hit-and-runs along 96. The City has claimed that, since campus technically falls under the Town's jurisdiction, there is nothing they can do. The Town has claimed that there isn't enough room in the budget, unless we can convince those who own the property to pay for the paving themselves, and both have said this is really DOT territory. This tricky situation has been a problem for the thousands of IC students who contribute to both the Town and the City of Ithaca every day, as well as all the residents of South Hill. Our needs have been neglected for too long

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  • NYS Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager
    Eric L. Ophardt P.E.
  • Regional Pedestrian Coordinator
    Jeff Sterly
  • NY State Department of Transportation
    Commissioner Joan McDonald

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