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Petitioning City Council City of Hutchinson, Kansas

City of Hutchinson: Change the name of Hutchinson to Smallville for a day.

Becoming the unofficial "Smallville, KS" could boost our towns tourism and economy. Metropolis already exists, so there should be a Smallville.

Letter to
City Council City of Hutchinson, Kansas
It is our goal, to turn Hutchinson, Kansas into the real Smallville. Superman is a recognizable figure world-wide and one of the most popular superheroes EVER. Through our page on Facebook, "Hutchinson, KS should be named Smallville", we have reached fans from around the world in an effort to give Smallville a real home.

Not only is this fun, but we feel that changing the town's name, for even a day, would give Hutchinson global attention and increase tourism. In our minds, it IS Smallville. We have numerous comparisons that make Hutchinson the only possible place for it to be. Hutchinson is already home to several tourist attractions, which directly relate to Superman/Smallville (Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Kansas Underground Salt Museum and the Kansas State Fair). All these attractions are unique to Kansas and the world. Naming this town as Smallville would increase year-round tourism to all these locations and boost the town's economy.

We believe that changing the name of the town, for just one day, could be the first step in becoming the real "Smallville, Kansas".

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