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Petitioning City of Huntsville, Alabama

Start a city-owned net-neutral gigabit network that provides a fair and reliable platform for fiber internet.

Huntsville, Alabama is widely seen as a leader in Earth and Space sciences. With the second highest GDP Per Capita in the state, Madison County strives to be at the forefront of technological gains. However, lack of competition in Internet Service Providers has created a lack of innovation on the part of the companies controlling internet access to Huntsville city and Madison county. If Huntsville really wishes to continue to be on the forefront of technology and bring in more citizens and businesses, it needs to provide its populus with reliable and affordable gigabit internet access via fiber. With this investment, proven again and again all over the world, Huntsville will continue to be a destination city for bright minds and a place where people come to innovate, create, and strive for the best. Until the city of Huntsville takes control and provides stiff competition for the monopolistic companies that control the internet, TV, and phone access to the citizens of Huntsville and Madison County, the barriers of slow internet speed, high prices, and data caps will continue to be a burden to the growth and development of this great place.

Please help today by signing this petition and beginning the conversation with the Cities of Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County so that we may move past these barriers of the early 2000s and into the future.

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