Humboldt Community Shelter

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The City of Humboldt is overdue for an animal shelter and for a year the County has searched for an appropriate location, but have hang ups on every property. In this same year the Humboldt County ACO has rehomed over 200 cats alone - this number doesn’t even include other domesticated animals.

If you follow her on social media, or look at any of her paperwork you’ll discover that she has also taken in various other animals including dogs, bunnies, mice and even a bird, both through owner relinquish and stray. She also has aided our local DNR with non domestic animals such as deer, raccoons, possums, and more. We need more than a holding facility comprised of three outdoor, dog specific runs to house these animals until they are placed in permanent, loving homes.

Many members of the community have stepped up and donated food, money for vet care, and even time, to help care for these animals - making it clear that our community cares. Please show you care, by petitioning the City to close on a location for our community Shelter. We, as a community, do not desire a holding facility, and do NOT support the euthanasiation of our animals. We NEED a shelter!