Save Hedwig Village Historic Oak

Save Hedwig Village Historic Oak

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5/21/22 - Update! ��

The happy news is that the developer did not cut down the oak tree today. Thank goodness. It is still in jeopardy though. And we have a lot of work to do to find a solution. Please watch this Fox News report that came out today:


URGENT!!! We’ve just learned that the owner of the property is possibly planning to cut down the oak on Friday, May 20th.

Along with local high students, we have created a fundraiser to buy the land as a community and create a park:

We’re aware that it isn't realistic to raise this money in a week (we would need a miracle), but we absolutely can build momentum that will pressure the owner to back down and give the community a chance to crowdfund. We can also put pressure on the city to act, even with a temporary solution. Please, if you can, send a respectful email to Mayor Tom Jinks, asking him to stop this tragedy from happening:

We cannot allow one man to destroy these precious trees. The one will die without the other. We cannot allow this to happen. 

Please share the fundraiser and donate. If we don't meet the goal or this effort goes another direction, all donations will be refunded. Here's the link again:  We need everyone to jump on board. No donation to small. Anything helps! If you have signed this petition, please give what you can and share. 

Thank you!!!




MAR 16, 2022 — 

Still no concrete news, but some news!

As a result of public outcry, the City of Hedwig Village has adopted heritage tree ordinances. These ordinances do not offer blanket protection for trees, but they are better than nothing! However, the new ordinances do not retroactively apply to our oak (why I’m not sure). This means that our oak is still at the mercy of the property owner. 

The good news is that the owner has put the property back on the market! He seems to have abandoned his plans to build, at least for now. It’s nervewracking though, because we don’t know for sure.

The new ordinances will apply to the new owner.

The hope is for a buyer to come in who wants to build around the tree. 

But another hope, a bigger hope, is for the community to raise the money for a park. The community would need to raise $1.1 million dollars for this to happen. 

I am happy to start a GoFundMe for this fundraiser, but I need help. Unless the campaign goes viral, we will need more than just a GoFundMe to raise that much money. I’m asking for help from anyone who has fundraising experience and who is willing to partner with me to get this started. I am not sure where/how to start on my own. 






***Important Update 12/15***

Here’s the official update after last night’s meeting! The meeting was powerful and successful for the time being. However this is far from over! Please read below for details:

The City of Hedwig Village unanimously adopted a moratorium on all new tree disposition plans and new tree removal permits that will be in effect until February 11, 2022.

During this period, the city hopes to gain more understanding of any and all information related to the tree in question and its overall ability to stay within the 2017 State legislature guidelines, but have more of an ability to encourage designing with nature, not removing it. 

It’s important to understand that the property owner will still have the final say in what happens with this lifetime tree and will be more important than ever to continue the community outcry and pressure towards the developer. 

— This means is that public outcry and pressure is going to be even more important than it has been. The best thing we can do is keep the pressure on. Share the petition, spread the word. We all just have to stay loud about this!

— The 2017 state legislature guideline reference is about a law Gov. Abbot put into place giving private property owners more freedom to cut down trees on their property. So that’s means our best line of defense right now is public pressure. Keep up the emails. Spread the word. Reach out to any media contacts. Anyone you know who have insight or a platform. Every little thing helps! 

please reach out to me if you have questions:

I will continue to post updates as I get them! 


***Update*** 12/14

The meeting is tonight!! 12/14 at 6:30 pm, Hedwig Village City Hall! 955 Piney Point Road.

Let’s fill the room!! 

We learned a bit of history this weekend — the oaks may have been planted by an early farmer at the entrance to the farm. The street is named Lou-Al because the farmer’s sons were Lou and Al. So maybe our beautiful Hedwig Village oaks are not sisters, but brothers!

Brother Lou and Brother Al ❤️


***Update*** 12/11

I just posted the official 12/14 meeting agenda as an update! 

The city does not seem to be set up for online comments, so it’s even more important for local people to show up in person. I know this is not what most of you would be doing on a Tuesday evening, but showing up would be so impactful. Even if you’d rather not speak, just your presence in the chamber makes a difference. We need everyone! The best action we can take right now is:

- Spreading the word on the meeting and

- Conveying the importance of attending this meeting in-person

- Attending the meeting in person 

Meeting is 12/14, 6:30 pm. HV City Hall. 955 Piney Point Road. 

Thanks everyone! Keep up the love for our elder oak! �


***Update***  as a result of public pressure Hedwig Village Mayor Tom Jinks has called a special session to address the heritage oak on Tuesday Dec. 14th at 6:30. It’s important for as many people as possible to be there in person to make our voices heard! Please mobilize everyone you know who might come to the meeting or provide advice or knock on doors in the Villages - anything that might help. Please keep sharing and emailing. This is really encouraging progress! Thank you all! 

***Update! Please see the report on Channel 2 News Tonight***


Please help us save the ancient live oak at the corner of Constance and Lou-Al in Hedwig Village! This majestic heritage oak is currently red-taped. 

The City of Hedwig Village says that there is nothing they can do because it is private property, however it is not too late!! This beautiful oak was once registered as a historic tree in the state of Texas. Removing it would be a tragic loss to the community, and would harm its sister heritage oak across the street. Generations of families have loved and remember these trees. They are a pair. 

It’s not about the legality. This is a moral issue, an emotional issue. How can the city simply allow this to happen unbeknownst to the community? Beautiful cities across Texas (and the world) HONOR and protect their historic trees. Is this who we want to be as a community? The community does not support this. 

With public pressure we can save this magnificent and beloved tree! Please sign the petition and send an email to Mayor Tom Jinks:

Also email Permit Coordinator Angie Ventura: 

Please keep your emails and calls and texts respectful. This will help our cause!  

There is a city council meeting tomorrow night the 9th. 6:30 at the Hedwig Village Courthouse. If you can please come and speak up �

Thank you!! 

3,992 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!