Protect Hamilton Ontario's Urban Forests

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Is what makes Hamilton, Ontario such a geographically rich city being destroyed? You had better take notice before it is too late.

Slowly, but surely, the urban forests in Hamilton, Ontario are being chipped away at a very steady pace.

If we don't change the current by-law now, so that it properly protects what remains of these urban forests, ALL forests in this city are at risk of eventually being razed in the name of "development" and profit.

It is very important we protect these natural heritage assets. The legacy left by T.B. McQuesten, one that other municipalities looked to for improving their own cities, is being battered and obliterated by incessant, ruthless development.

None of us wants by-laws that are so restrictive that we can't cut down a few trees on our property as needed. But the purchase of land for development, which contains these forests - important environmental assets to our city - needs to come with some restrictions. The few remaining remnants of forests within the city limits, need to be protected.

As the current by-law stands, a developer can cut down trees of certain species, over a certain size for the purpose of "harvesting" or logging. None of those remaining forests are of substantial enough size for responsible logging, but they are certainly of very significant size for the flora, fauna and ecosystem they support. Reduction in size of these urban forests should not be permitted. As our city grows, expanding into farmland, any forests present must retain a minimum set size.

The science of trees tells us that they dramatically improve environmental quality. They clean the air of our city, removing tons of carbon and pollution yearly. Residents, organizations, businesses, developers, architects and urban planners; municipal, provincial and federal agencies, should all be making the preservation of these urban woodlots a priority. We all have something to gain from that: quality of life, health and nature. Basic needs don't get much more basic than that.

Urban Forest Benefits:

* Improved Air Quality

* Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

* Improved Wildlife Habitat

* Stormwater Management

* Noise Abatement

* Increased Psychological Well Being

* Improved Energy Conservation

* Increased Property Values

 Call or email your city councillor now, make sure they know where you stand.

Sign this petition. Let your friends know. We have to take action now to bring forward the change needed to protect these forests.

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