Help Preserve Dundas' Urban Wildlife

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  Opossums are one of the most overlooked members of our local urban wildlife community. These little creatures are Canada's only marsupials, and are vitally important in preserving the balance of our local ecosystems. The opossum diet is comprised of a variety of items, from the pesky tick, to litter left on the street. These natural garbage disposals carry very few diseases as their body temperature is much lower than the average animals, making it very unlikely that these little guys will pose any danger to dogs, cats or people. 

  Dundas is very lucky to have a population of these wonderful animals living quietly among us. Unfortunately over the past few months I have noticed an increasing number of opossums on the side of Olympic Dr/York Rd on the way to Highway 6 that have lost their lives trying to cross the road. It is not uncommon to see multiple opossums meet their fates like this on a single day and the numbers are only increasing. I know that my fellow residents of Dundas care deeply for the wildlife and ecosystem we are lucky to be surrounded by. 

  The goal of this petition is to alert the city to this ongoing problem, and work with them to get signs put up to warn drivers to be aware of our local opossums and alert them to the locations where they are likely to cross.