The City of Hagerstown is finally proposing our first off-leash dog park in Hager Park near Municipal Stadium. This park would be an organized area for dogs to exercise, socialize, and play. The City will only build this with the support of the community!

Hagerstown's City Council are unsure if this is something citizens want!

Please sign this petition to let Hagerstown's City Council know you approve and want an area for our dogs to play!

Update: The City of Hagerstown has assigned an independent citizen Dog Park Task Force to take a closer look at various locations for an off-leash dog park,
discuss what types amenities that the proposed park should have and then
periodically report back to the city council with recommendations. 

We have a goal to receive at least 1,000 signatures by the time we return to Mayor & Council. Please share this petition with your friends!

In addition to signing you can also send a letter or email of support to:

Rodney Tissue
City of Hagerstown
1 East Franklin Street
Hagerstown, MD

Letter to
Hagerstown Rodney Tissue
The City of Hagerstown needs this to move forward and be competitive with other cities our size and provide the residents with a safe place for their dogs to play. I have signed the petition to show my support.