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Please remove the current people at Knox County Humane Society

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As a concerned citizen and animal lover, I believe the folks currently running the Knox County Humane Society are grossly incompetent. They claim to be a "No Kill" Shelter, but when we took our pet in for help, their only suggestion was to put our animal down! The lady in charge is very rude, and it seems as though she doesn't really care about the animals. We want what is best for the animals, and a number of us have started an Alliance Group, and have collected what we consider to be very strong cases against them. There are cases where they threaten animal owners with charges against them unless they turn their pets over to the shelter. Cases where they volunteer to take care of someone's animal until they can get back on their feet, only to find that their beloved pet has been "sold". Many animal owners have filed complaints with the city, yet no action against them seems to take place. On behalf of the animals, we need to take a stand and try to rectify this situation. Please sign this petition so that we can send it to our Governor, and hopefully get people who actually are concerned about the animals they are in charge of caring for! Thank you! this is the link to our Facebook Group as well so please join and share your story 

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