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save JUNIOR THE AKITA from being put to sleep on wednesday

Akita rescues are requesting Tri-City Animal Control, Fremont, CA to allow Akita experts to perform an independent temperament assessment on Junior the Akita. Junior is scheduled to be euthanized on Wednesday, August 15 due to a provoked bite incident, so time is of the essence. Junior's owner's relinquished him to Tri-City Shelter/Animal Control in Fremont, CA (Northern California).

After relinquishing Junior to AC, the owner contacted A Passion for Paws Akita Rescue and Akita Angels in California asking for help. We immediately contacted them and are working non-stop to save Junior's life.  Bottom
line: Rescue groups have obtained junior legal representation so they have recourse to intervene & stop his death on August 15.
The owner has the sole and full legal right to request return of her dog and as of 8pm this evening, has not filed that form wtih the Tri-City Animal Control in Fremont.

Please email IF YOU CAN HELP. we all are working tirelessly to help him.

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