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Save our Goats!

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Our little family of 5 has fallen madly in love with our two miniature pet goats. We currently live in the City of Fenton in Michigan and on April 12, 2016, we were given permission by a city official to have them. Shortly after getting them, a neighbor stated she called the city to "inquire" if we could have them. The city official stated that he only had to investigate because a neighbor complained. Nuisance complaints were served to us and upon investigations, were found to be false.

We have obtained serveys from our surrounding neighbors that summarize their support for us and lack of complaint regarding the goats. Not one person has complained about them in over a year and now another city official stated the mayor wants to take us to court due to an open complaint from the previous year. FOIA reports say nothing is new. We emailed Mayor Sue Osborn last week and still have not heard back. Now we received a document last night with a court date and the complaint is for unauthorized animals!

We feel the city has lied to us on numerous occasions and is negligent in what they have told us. Their officials have violated due process when they informed us that we could have them. Now we have spent our pennies and our hearts on these loving animals. It states in city ordinances that they are a domestic animal and the USDA classifies them as domestic and states that they are commonly used as pets.

After a year and a half, my children adore their pets. They are smaller than a dog, quieter than a dog, do not bite, have never gotten out, and remain odor free. Their stool is cleaned up but is actually good for the environment, contradictory to a canines. They camp with us and hike on leashes. They snuggle on our laps next to the fire. They have been the perfect pet and I have seen so much growth come out of my kids since getting them.

please help us by signing and you can check out our fundraiser page via the link below (for assistance with legal fees) as we will be devastated if we lose them!


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