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Oppose Everett Slaughterhouse

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On the evening of Monday, September 26, a public hearing was held on behalf of the Everett City Council to address the proposal of a slaughterhouse at 1934 Revere Beach Parkway.  SABA Live Poultry intends to slaughter live sheep, goats, and chickens on a retail basis to provide freshly slaughtered meat to customers.  

A representative from SABA Live Poultry spoke to the city council, calling this facility a "butcher shop" instead of slaughterhouse.  We the opposition feel that this is mincing words, as customers will choose a live animal "wait about fifteen minutes" and receive the carcass or cuts.  

In accordance of the Massachusetts General law chapter 111 section 151, SABA Live Poultry must receive written consent from the mayor and city council to be approved.  The business claims to have already spent over $50,000 on the establishment, but had to cease proceeding with it after finding out it was a requirement to have the city's approval.  

Everett is a compact community where livestock such as sheep and goats are already not allowed to be raised.  This begs the question: Why would we allow the slaughtering of live animals which cannot reside here for other purposes? 

Furthermore, the location 1934 Revere Beach Parkway is disturbing, as those who visit this location can see it is a highly visible area.

It is the opinion of opponents that money spent on an establishment prior to knowing the law requirements was an irresponsible move for SABA Live Poultry. 

It is our perspective that this is an extremely inappropriate addition the City of Everett seeing that there has been great strides to clean up and improve this area of Everett, including plans for a large hotel about one block away.  SABA Live Poultry would be amidst several other local businesses residing in that vicinity including Simoniz Car Wash, Sunoco, NTB, Popeye's Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, and Stop & Shop - just to name a few.  This particular area of Everett is popular for fast food establishments.  

The proposal of a slaughterhouse in Everett is a far stretch from what many of us consider an improvement for the future of this community.  Many of us strive to see progress in Everett, and believe that a business that focuses on the slaughtering of animals is not an addition we would like to see and does not fall in line with our values.  We feel the sights, smells, and visibility of this business would negatively impact residents. 

A follow up meeting will be held to hear the city's decision on this matter. Information as to the date and time of that meeting will be provided accordingly.  Your presence as an opponent at the meeting is strongly appreciated if possible.  


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