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City of Eureka: designate a Place for the Purpose for the Homeless to Sleep and Grant a Pardon to Dane Carr for Sleeping with-in City Limits.

No One Really Wants to be Homeless, Yet Many People Find for one reason or Another that They Have no Where to Go, The Homeless are Commonly Treated with Contempt, They Live in Constant Fear of Being Beaten or Having the Little They Own Stolen, To Find a Place to Sleep can be Next to impossible, The Mission will Only Offer a Sleeping Place a Few weeks a month and is Not a Place I Would Want to Sleep, They Have Rules That Many of the Homeless are Un-able to Follow for One reason or another. If The City wants to Force a Rule on Sleeping (the city's municipal code, no person is allowed to camp in any public or private space or street, unless it is specifically designated for that purpose. ) they Should Provide a Place Where One Can legally Sleep. If the  city of Eureka can  spent $13,400 prosecuting a misdemeanor camping violation case and I Don’t know how Much to jail someone  for six months for trying to sleep, I Think They can Sit a lot aside and Provide a porta potty and Trash can, Remember any of us can find ourselves there, How do you want to be Treated ?  

 P.S. (they want to Give Dane Carr up to 4 and 1/2 years for Sleeping in Public)

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