Let’s Breakup COVID-19 in El Paso, Texas

Let’s Breakup COVID-19 in El Paso, Texas

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Let’s Breakup COVID-19 in El Paso, Texas

Take the Covid 915 Pledge

Para Nuestra Comunidad

Covid-19 is assaulting our border community with a deadly force.  It is killing our communities of color.  It is crushing our healthcare workers and healthcare system.  COVID is bold, but we are bolder.  We are El Paso Strong.   

We each have the power to beat back the COVID-19 assault on our abuelos, fathers, mothers, tíos, co-workers, primos, compañeros, children, neighbors, and so many others.  We each have the power to create a future that is once again filled with laughter, abrazos, dancing, and pachangas for the young AND old in our community and in EVERY neighborhood.

We want you to take the pledge.  By signing below you are committing to break the chain of COVID-19 in our border region.  By signing, you are choosing to act consistently with the guidance provided by the scientific and medical communities, you are committed to act compassionately in interactions with people both familiar and unfamiliar to you in your daily life, and you will act creatively in staying connected to loved ones. 

As a member of this community, I pledge to: 

1. I will reduce the risk of infecting myself and others.  Regardless of how the courts rule on business closures, the advice of medical and health experts is clear on what we need to do to stop spreading the virus.  In our community especially, this means not gathering with people you don’t live with, selecting 1 person from your household to shop for essentials, isolating/quarantining yourself while you are awaiting test results, and answering calls from contact tracers.  A “household” includes only those people who live under the same roof.  The standard guidance still applies:  wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose, keep at least 6 feet away from people not in your household, wash your hands frequently, and get tested.  Be aware of activities that are high risk in catching and spreading the virus.  

2. I will make a safe plan to mark holidays and special occasions.  Re-imagine how we can stay connected to each other socially and maintain positive mental health.  Conventional ways of celebrating which typically include sharing meals, gathering in other people’s homes, and being around large crowds are recipes for spreading COVID-19.  Maybe this holiday season means dropping off food at your loved one’s home, connecting virtually with loved ones who live near and far away, making or upcycling gifts, or shopping curbside and/or online for gifts.  The greatest gift you could give this year might very well be not infecting someone with COVID-19.  

3. I will support responsible, local businesses, as I am able.  Small businesses are a huge driver for the local economy.  Support businesses that are proactive in protecting the health of the community.  Many are offering curbside pickup and delivery service.  Contact them if you have a question.  Hundreds of businesses here have taken the “Pledge to Safety” and are taking additional measures to protect customers and employees during the pandemic.  

4. I will voice my concerns to elected officials or community leaders.  We know that exercising one’s voice is a powerful tool in making change.  Leaders need to hear from us and be reminded of how important it is that they lead with compassion and facts, continue the fight to save lives and livelihoods, and work together.  However you connect with them (e.g., email, phone, social media), make your voice heard.  Leaders have influence on how information and resources are utilized like releasing information on where clusters of the virus are occurring, staffing officers to enforce orders, expanding contact tracing, and providing financial support to families and local businesses.  

El Paso is known as the “Sun City.”  More recently, we have been called the “epicenter” and “ground zero” of the pandemic in the US.  We have undeniably shown in the past how we face challenges and are a beacon for life and light.  Let’s keep it that way.  We are El Paso Strong!  Be part of the solution.  Break the COVID chain. 



The Breakup Covid 915 Committee

Our future is determined by the choices we make now.

The Breakup Covid 915 Committee's mission is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  We do this by:

1) Challenging individuals to make a personal commitment to “breakup with COVID-19” by signing the COVID 915 pledge AND asking them to share the pledge with their friends, family, and community networks.

2) Collaborating with community organizations and leaders to promote ways to breakup with COVID-19 in the hardest hit neighborhoods and in communities that are least resourced in the El Paso area.

3) Disseminating helpful resources and news related to COVID-19.  Topics covered relate to health and well-being, the local economy, and policies/ordinances related to COVID-19. 

The committee is comprised of volunteers whose footprint in the community represents a range of sectors from nonprofits to business to education to the arts.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!