Stop the offensive and hazardous odour caused by Cleanit Greenit Composting facility

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Cleanit Greenit causing persistent offensive and hazardous odour to neighboring communities in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are signing this petition as concerned Edmonton citizens who feel the City of Edmonton and Alberta Environment and Parks need to step in with immediate action towards this ongoing issue. The horrible odour being produced by the Cleanit Greenit Composting facility is effecting our quality of life and our health. Dating back to 2004, the company Cleanit Greenit has incurred multiple infractions due to their inability to control odours from their open-air static-pile composting facility. Citizens have been trying to find a solution to this problem for several years without resolve. Currently in 2020, City of Edmonton councillors are now involved with this issue, as well as the Ministry of Environment and Parks, and the Ministry of Health. Concerned citizens have consistently logged hundreds of calls with their local 311 regarding this issue. Yet still no reasonable actions have been taken.

The overwhelming odour is frequently a daily issue for residents in West and North Edmonton, with complaints such as feeling sick from the smell, having to remain indoors to avoid the smell, and having to keep windows closed and ventilation systems shut down to keep the odour out of their home. Several residents have noted that Edmonton Fire Rescue services have been deployed on numerous occasions for calls about sour gas, which ended up being the putrid compost odor. Cleanit Greenit has a history of failing to adequately mitigate odours from it’s site. They were subject to a 2004 Alberta Health Services Order regarding nuisance conditions relating to foul smells and a 2011 Enforcement Order pursuant to the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, c. E-12, R.S.A. 2000, arising from, among other things, odour complaints. The latter resulted in the temporary closure of the site until corrective action was taken.

Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park borders the areas affected by these hazardous odours. This park is a globally significant area for its abundant and diverse bird population. As citizens we are worried not only for our own health and access to clean fresh air, but also for the wildlife in this delicate ecosystem. We are growing frustrated by the lack of intervention by city and government officials. This problem has been ongoing for over 16 years and appears to be only getting worse.

We propose:

1. Cleanit Greenit immediately has it’s business license suspended and/or revoked until they can provide an actionable plan to mitigate the odour.

2. Cleanit Greenit immediately takes steps to reduce it’s intake of compostable material until it can properly regulate the odours.

3. Cleanit Greenit immediately review the types of material it will accept for composting and consider eliminating some of the materials (such as but not limited to, biosolids, hydrovac liquids, cooking oils, dairy products, grease trap sludge, and solid organics such as food and manure).

4. If Cleanit Greenit is unable to reduce the offensive and hazardous odour to an level deemed acceptable, they move their facility to a less densely populated area or cease operations.

We thank you for your time and hope you can assist us in resolving or advocating for this ongoing unresolved issue.


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