Revoke Automated Parking Enforcement and Make Edmonton More Accessible

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The city of Edmonton has announced that they plan on automating the process of parking enforcement for Epark parking zones. Before, the city had people hired to manually enforce their parking, but as of July of this year, it is going to become fully automated, and cameras will check licence plates to determine whether they have paid for parking or not. These cameras are unable to detect handicap placards, and as they put it, "As a result, courtesy parking for placard holders will be discontinued at EPark stalls when the new system is in place." 

This is a low blow to those in Edmonton with disabilities, as Edmonton is already very poor for accessibility, and now they are making life for those with disabilities more expensive and more difficult to move around. It is already difficult for many people with disabilities to work full time or even at all, combined with how difficult it can be to get any kind of social help from programs such as Alberta Works or AISH, it is insured to begin taking away free parking for those with disabilities. 

Parking in Edmonton is already very expensive to begin with, many places being between $4-$7 for only an hour, this is not an okay thing for the city to do. 

One other issue that arises from this is that of enforcement. If these cameras cannot detect placards, what prevents people from simply parking in handicapped spots without a pass? This is a blatant money grab for the city, and some of its most vulnerable people are going to be paying the price for it. 

I myself do not have any disabilities, thankfully, but my girlfriend has MS and she has been wheelchair bound for a few months now, we are in the process of applying for a placard right now, and it seems we will be getting it just in time to have to deal with this. It is insulting to those who work hard to support those with disabilities that the city is so ready and willing to take advantage of them for a bit more cash in their pockets. 

I am asking you to please consider signing this, I would like the city to revoke their automated parking enforcement and continue to do so manually, this will prevent people from abusing the system and parking in handicap stalls as well as help those with disabilities who cannot afford to pay for parking. 

Thank you for your time. 

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