No leash in off leash areas

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Leashing our dogs in off leash areas has recently come into play due to the Corona virus.  This rule is unnecessary and unacceptable to dog owners, particularly those who utilize off leash parks regularly.   Claiming the rule has been put into place because of lack of social distancing,  it done nothing but cause frustration for not only owners but dogs as well.  

We need to make it known to our government officials that keeping our dogs leashed can and will do more harm than good.  We take our dogs to have fun and get exercise, but they have had that freedom taken away.  Social distancing has nothing to do with leashing dogs.  In fact, having dogs leashed will cause people to get closer due to pulling and leash entanglement, not to mention many dogs are more aggressive when restrained.  

We will be working to get this rule rescinded, for the benefit and well being of our beloved four legged family members. 

Please, sign and share this petition so that we can actually make a difference and make a change, and get our city government do the right thing for all of us dog lovers.