Petition against the West Coates Cycle Track in favour of National Cycle Route 1 RE-OPENED

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“We oppose the proposed 2-way protected cycle track along busy Roseburn Terrace, West Coates and Haymarket Terrace.

We believe this track, marked by the solid red line above, will harm Roseburn businesses by preventing parking outside the shops for delivery vans and shoppers. The withdrawal of off-peak parking, with the introduction of 24hr waiting restrictions  and double red lines will severely curtail trade. The reduction of four lanes of traffic at peak times to two will lead to serious congestion. We believe the removal of the staggered crossings along the route will make crossing the A8 more dangerous and the removal of the westbound bus lane will cause bus delays. We believe the track will adversely affect Haymarket businesses too- and moving the taxi rank will be bad for both taxi drivers and disabled people using the train.

However, we do support the use of the existing National Cycle Route 1 (NCR 1) as an alternative. This quiet route along Balbirnie Place, marked by the dashed red line above, is in keeping with the Council’s proposed network of ‘Quiet Routes’, which aims to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment for all users.

We believe it’s a far better cycling route, utilising existing off-road paths and low-traffic streets. It takes cyclists along Roseburn Place, the first part of Russell Road, along Balbirnie Place, alongside the tramline, then up Haymarket Yards. We acknowledge that it makes a 3- minute journey into a 4-minute journey, but we think it is a far more pleasant one. It also links directly into the Roseburn to Granton cycle path. We note it involves cycling alongside tram tracks at Haymarket Yards, but there is virtually no other traffic here, and dealing with the tracks is a lot easier when there are no cars around.”


The previous version of this petition drew 695 online supporters and 1900 paper signatures, but closed when the Council consultation ended. However, the Council have decided to postpone their decision on the track till 30th August. We are therefore "re-opening" our petition and will not close it till the battle is won. As well as the online total here, we have 3,000 further signatures on paper.

If you prefer, you can sign the paper version of this petition at many of the 54 traders that line the route of the track. You can see their open letter to the Council pointing out that the track will ruin their businesses here. The claim that shops benefit from cycle tracks is based on US studies- Ninth Street in New York for example- with wide roads built for the car, where parking does not have to be removed to fit in the track in. (Roseburn Terrace was designed before bicycles were invented in 1817 and long before cars were thought of). None of the US streets were arterial, either.

The Council has done no traffic modelling for their proposals, but we have. At peak hour, we counted 1,200 cars, 160 taxis, 90 buses and 40 lorries- transporting around 12,000 people, whose journey times will be massively extended as a result of the track. All this to accommodate, at rush hour, 40 cyclists. 

The petitioner and many of those who signed this petition have now set out "The Roseburn Vision" proposal which is an elegant means to join the Roseburn cycle path to the rest of the Roseburn-Leith cycle route. It is both safer for vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians and easier to implement than the Council plans, with the additional benefit of actually reducing congestion to vehicle traffic and lowering dangerous emissions. Full details can be found here

Local man Henry Whaley of the Royal Bank of Scotland Bicycle User Group set up a counter-petition to this one. It closed with 800 signatures at The petition is being used by Cllr Hinds to cancel out our complaints.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Bike Users Group are now running their own Roseburn community website setting out the arguments in favour of the Council scheme. They have panned our Roseburn Vision : read what they say here

Full details of the Council’s proposals can be seen here:

See the STV video about the protest  here

Lothian Buses oppose the track here

Living Streets Edinburgh oppose the track here

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