Stop the Decatur Police Department’s false charges against Jackson Castro

Stop the Decatur Police Department’s false charges against Jackson Castro

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Jackson Castro started this petition to City of Decatur and

During a time when COVID has business owners scrambling to make the adjustments needed to keep their businesses alive, I find myself facing significant legal fees and potential jail time for crimes I DID NOT commit.

On November 10th, 2019, the Decatur Police Department arrested me for attempting to record an officer in my own establishment.

Prior to that, more than 6 Decatur police officers illegally entered my restaurant (after it was closed) without a warrant or probable cause, while my security and bartenders were assisting with our closing procedures.

Upon entering, DPD was not able to give a reasonable explanation for why they had entered, saying they “just wanted to check things out.” Shortly afterwards, their supervisor wrongly claimed that I was not allowed to have music playing (in my own restaurant) after 2 A.M.

After contesting the validity of his claim, he went about with a series of aimless inquires - from asking to see my liquor license, to asking what was in my staff’s cups, to allowing his officers to go so far as searching through our restaurant.

Upon recording what had transpired, I was shoved by an officer whom I was standing nearly a foot away from. Approximately 26 seconds after I was shoved by the officer (for recording her), I was placed under an arrest for an aggravated assault which DID NOT occur.

*Several months prior to my restaurant’s opening, the same officer deliberately would shine her high beams into my restaurant on a weekly occasion, as I attempted to set up for our opening. I approached her while recording, before informing me that I did not have her permission to record her and that she would arrest me if I continued. Of course, the next time I record her she arrests me for “aggravated assault.”

On February 27th, I was arrested by the same officers for making 911 calls after one of my employees was assaulted by my neighboring bar’s (Lock Stock & Barrel) staff.

After attempting to enter their establishment to enjoy a night of karaoke with my friends and family, I was informed that my party would not be served (presumably because my bar took a lot of their business). Shortly after, I was unnecessarily shoved and pinned up against a wall by their staff.

In an effort to prevent me from being assaulted, my coworker repeatedly had his head bashed in and was knocked unconscious. After calling 911, he was taken to the hospital with contusions and required multiple staples on his head.

After the assault, I attempted to speak to officers regarding the assault that I witnessed and was victim to (being the one who called 911). Rather than taking my statement, the DPD supervisor told me that I had nothing to say, and that he was not going to waste his time speaking to me (before walking away).

Following this, I reached out to dispatch from my restaurant, to inform them that my girlfriend and I did not feel safe walking outside while LSB’s staff was still present (directly across from us), and that the matter had yet to be resolved.

When the officers returned, however, I was placed in handcuffs and arrested for “false 911 calls,” which were never made. A Class 4 felony.

I am now facing the risk of potentially losing everything I worked so hard for, due to two felonies that I DID NOT commit. 

We can not and will not let allow them get away with this. The Decatur Police Department can not continue to get away with these false claims against its citizens, that have put countless people (not just myself), either behind bars or at a disadvantage in life.

We must unite and be a voice for each other, and I ask that you do the same for me. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!