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Reduce and regulate the amount of pollution emitted in the air.

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This  became personal to me in 7th grade when my science teacher Mr. Atee conducted an experiment to allow us to see the pollution in the air. The experiment consisted of two note cards pasted in Vaseline. One note card was taped on the outside of a window on the 3rd floor of Salina Intermediate school, the other he took home to an area where there was no factory pollution, both were left for a week. The results blew my mind, the note card placed outside our classroom window was filled with black particles and looked nothing like the one Mr. Atee took home. Since then I couldn't help but think how much of a nuisance and health risk that is to the residents of the community. According to the city of Dearborn's Code of Ordinances chapter 13 Nuisances', Article IV.-Smoke Abatement/Division.- Administration & Enforcement, Section 13-111.- Air pollution unlawful. "Air pollution caused by the escape of smoke, cinders, noxious acids, fumes, injurious gases, dust or fly ash is hereby declared to be unlawful and to be a nuisance." Ironically, I went to a city council meeting on October 4th, 2016, Ordinance no. 16-1554 introduced by councilmember Abraham-Synopsis- "An ordinance to Amend the Nuisances (chapter 13) of the code of the city of Dearborn by adding article 1, Entitled "Nuisance Abetment Board", was brought up and city council stated that any business that operates within city limits and causes a nuisance to the residents is subject to being shut down." I went up to the stand and clarified that the ordinance applies to all businesses regardless of how long they've been operating and regardless of what kind of business it is. Now I'm not expecting  Ford or AK steel to be completely shut down and to put people out of jobs, but I'm sure that there are eco-friendly ways to dispose of the pollution. This issue may not seem like a big deal to some people, matter of a fact I was one of them, perspectives change. I was disappointed to hear that the Rouge factory is not included in Ford's 10 year renovation plan.

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