Petition- Local Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief to be relieved of duty.

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William (Butch) Tolbert is the Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief of Cuero, TX. William's Son and Daughter in Law (victim) were involved in a near death case of domestic violence. Corey Tolbert the son of William assaulted his wife with a truck along the an attached trailer. As the wife lay on the ground suffering in pain and agony, William did not help his daughter in law. Mrs. Tolbert wallowed in pain for sometime, the only assistance William gave to his relative was a pillow and a blanket. Mrs. Tolbert laid on the ground with injuries of: broken nose, broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone, a fractured pelvis and a punctured lung. She bleed out on the ground as the Tolbert family panicked find a solution to their sons heinous actions.

William Tolbert is very familiar with injuries due to the fact he has been on many scenes of car accidents and more; because of his title as Fire Chief. This case of domestic violence has made it all the way to the court. William was called the the bench to testify, upon questioning in front of: a judge, a jury of peers, his family, her family, his community, and God- William Tolbert made it clear that he was unaware of her injuries. In all honesty that should be considered perjury.

As a leader in the community how can a man with honest integrity hold a position in public service? He failed his very own wife, his family, her family, women, his community in which he serves and most of all the victim.

He currently is still holding his office, he should be forced to resign. Domestic violence has no place in the public sector and should not be condoned. William Tolbert testimony is only a reflection of his moral character and his misogyny.

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