Ban the sale of cats dogs rabbits at pet stores

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Currently pet stores in Cranbrook are allowed to sell animals. These animals are from breeders not rescues or shelters. It has been shown that commercial breeding facilities can raise animals in horrible conditions resulting in neglect, abuse and  as a result of the inhumane conditions these animals are produced in, they often suffer from disease, and other physical, emotional and behavior problems. 

The CIty of Vancouver, The City of Richmond has passed by-laws restricting the sale of dogs (2010) and rabbits (2009), the City of New Westminster has passed a by-law restricting the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits (2012) within their municipalities as well other municipalities across Canada have passed by-laws restricting the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits. Cranbrook can join these forward thinking municipalities.

Potential pet owners still have the option of obtaining a cat, dog or rabbit directly through reputable breeders and through recognized animal rescue and shelter organizations such as the BC SPCA.

Together we can make a difference!