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As most of us are now aware, Cornwall has not been adding fluoride to its water for over 2 years now. It was removed as it was no longer safe for the workers to work around it. Now council will be voting on whether or not they will be re-adding it. The 1st thing that comes to mind here is, why are we even having this discussion? If it is not safe to breathe it in, how is it safe to consume it? You do not need to be a Doctor or scientist to understand when something is intuitively wrong. Please consider the knowledge of OUR day as summarized from

Fluorosilicic acid (fluoride) is a by-product which is captured in air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry, and it is classified as a neurotoxin. Fluoride acid is the most contaminated chemical added to public water supplies, and has been linked to lower IQs, arthritis, and dementia in 34 human studies and over 100 animal studies.

It is now widely recognized that fluoride's only justifiable benefit comes from topical contact with teeth, which even the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged. Adding it to water and pills, which are swallowed, offers little, if any, benefit to your teeth.

Water fluoridation is an unethical, and outdated practice. Over 97% of Europe now gets to enjoy non-fluoridated water, and more Canadian cities have been removing it as well. For example, only 3% of British Columbia, and 6% of Quebec still has water fluoridation, Ontario is the leader in water fluoridation with 76% of the cities still following this practice. Let’s do our part to lower this number, and keep fluoride out of our water supply.

Our water supply should not be a delivery system for medicine. We all have the right to choose what we put in our bodies, and allowing our City to add fluoride to our water, forcing us to ingest this neurotoxin, is unethical and it must not continue.

If you decide to continue using fluoride, that is fine, but do not force it on an entire community. You can continue to get fluoride, in the manner that it is actually beneficial, with your toothpaste, or even in bottled water.

One more thing we could do, and this is very important, is to contact Cornwall City Council members directly, either via email or phone. Let them know the facts, inform them why you do not want this in our water. Their emails are as follows:
Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy -
Councillor Bernadette Clement -
Councillor Maurice Dupelle -
Councillor Brock Frost -
Councillor Carilyne Hebert -
Councillor Elaine MacDonald -
Councillor Mark A. MacDonald -
Councillor Claude E. McIntosh -
Councillor Andre Rivette -
Councillor Justin Towndale -

Some of you may have noticed I left Councillor David Murphy off of this list, and it was for good reason. We, as a community, already have his full support in keeping fluoride out of Cornwall’s water supply. So now we need to do our part. Get the information out there, sign the petition, and email the Councillors directly. Together we can make a change.
Thank you all for your support.

Remember, when signing, everyone in the household with a valid email (or without, you can create one at gmail,, etc) can sign.

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