Lower the Photography Permit Fee for Colorado Springs - $500 hurts small business!

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The City of Colorado Springs Government and Parks Department has decided to 'change the permit structure' for photography in public parks such as Garden of the Gods. 

The permit is now the most expensive one in the state and would cost $500 annually. Even Rocky Mountain National Park is only $300 annually and this one far surpasses the various permit fees in Denver and Boulder's annual permits.

This permit will affect the small business community and their clientele because permits will either cut into a small business owner's bottom line, how they feed their families, pay their mortgages and keep their electricity on OR the other option is to pass this cost down to their customers.  

When the Perkins family GIFTED Garden of the Gods to the City of Colorado Springs, one of their stipulations was that it stayed free to the public, this is still on a plaque in the middle of the park. The public should include those who pay to operate businesses in the city of Colorado Springs through taxes and business licensing AND their clients who are also part of the public. 

10 years ago, I started my small photography business in Colorado Springs Colorado. I was just out of high school and was dreaming of being an entrepreneur. This permit fee is DEVASTATING to those who are trying to start a photography business. If I had this coming out of my very small bottom line back then, I may not have succeeded. For the more 'mature' small business owners who have been paying for their business license and their taxes in the city of Colorado Springs, this is also extremely difficult. Now we have to either figure out how to live off of less in an economy where housing and the cost of living is rising dramatically, or we have to explain to our customers why their pricing is going up to facilitate a change out of our control and then our customers have to decide if they are going to skip their family photos this year, take their business OUT of Colorado Springs or find somewhere else in their budget to take that money from... probably another Colorado Springs business where they could've gone to dinner or spent that money. This will further hike the costs for wedding photographers and may encourage the wedding industry to go elsewhere and for some high school seniors, they may not be able to afford senior portraits for the yearbook like everyone else in their school.

Please sign this in an effort to keep fueling our local economy through small business. To the City of Colorado Springs - PLEASE reconsider this action, this is not good for small business. 

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