City of Chilliwack: don't let Climate Change take away our future!!

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My name is Mace MacGowan and I am a Grade 11 student at Chilliwack Secondary School. I want a future, my peers want a future, we ALL want a future. I fear for when I have kids, what will life be like for them. If we don’t take action now, it’ll be too late. So please, take action for all of us living in Chilliwack and in the nearby cities. We are ALL affected.

Chilliwack students want to build careers, have families, experience the world and have a fulfilling life. Our parents want to help give us those opportunities. But Climate Change puts that all at risk.

Take forest fires in BC for example.
Forestry experts will tell you that forest fires are larger, hotter and more frequent - in BC, AB, California, Australia. Scientists have confirmed Climate Change is having a strong impact on the growing wildfire levels. We've recently experienced a summer of smoke and air quality warnings, and we're worried that is something we'll have to get used to.
We're seeing record temperatures, flash floods, severe storms, and droughts more and more frequently around the world. In BC increasing water temperatures mean vanishing salmon and other fish that are vital to our ecology and our quality of life. Going fishing might become a thing of the past.
What about our economy? Extreme weather means huge costs in preparing for the worst, repairing the damage after, and paying skyrocketing insurance. We're worried that there will be less money for health and education. This will affect the quality of our jobs and our careers.

So to Mayor Popove, Councilors Westeringh, Mercer, Lum, Knott, Kloot, Shields - students and parents of Chilliwack implore you to:
1. join the growing list of cities and municipalities across BC that publicly recognize Climate Change has reached a crisis point globally;
2. develop and implement a Plan of Action to act on this crisis locally

A recent story in the Vancouver Sun tells us about the City of New Westminster and their "Seven Bold Steps" plan of action to address climate change locally. It included doable things like greatly increasing the city's tree canopy, developing carbon-free homes and buildings, and rapidly increasing the percentage of kilometers driven in electric vehicles. With dates and figures and targets.

We don't have to reinvent the wheel here. There are tons of examples like New West that we could follow or learn from. Let's get organized, and get the ball rolling!