Petition Closed

We feel Mr. Nelson was unfairly terminated from his posititon as Park Ranger at the Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, TN. 

We ask The Mayor Andy Berke and City of Chattanooga to reinstate Mr. Nelson

Letter to
City of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Andy Berke
Mayor Berke:

We ask that you review the situation regarding Deryl Nelson, and issue a formal statement under your letterhead. We deserve this from our mayor.

An unpopular human resources decision is one issue, an unconscionable decision is another. Taking someone's employment is an extreme move, especially in situations where thousands of people are stricken with revulsion over the reason.

We have seen the videos and communicated with hundreds of citizens. We have thoroughly taken into account the response from Public Works regarding Mr. Nelson's work history. We find, in unison, none of this equates to a scenario for which termination was our city's only option. As mayor, you must include the public conscience in the operation of your various departments. Our sadness, fury and heartfelt disgust are palpable and valid.

You were elected under the promise of a major overhaul in city operation, and we commend your efforts and successes. The firing of Deryl Nelson is not a success, in fact it is an act which brings into grand scrutiny your administration's ability to manage its managers.

Your city wants to be served by Deryl Nelson in his deserving capacity at Coolidge Park. Levity and charisma are not unbecoming a park ranger in the context of a recreational facility, and we ask his return to this post with reasonable restrictions which your citizens can support.

This remains our city, and while in your custody we wish our views to be as valid as one lady with a camera.

Show your heart and strength. Return Deryl Nelson to Coolidge Park.


Your Citizenship