City of Casselberry Vice Mayor / Commissioner Mark Busch Must Resign

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We are calling for the resignation of Vice Mayor and Commissioner Mark Busch. Vice Mayor Busch has shown his true colors and shown what really matters to him and it is not the Casselberry citizens. In poor taste, Vice Mayor Busch has taken to the streets with far-right extremists to incite further harm and division to our country and beautiful city.

On January 5, 2021, Vice Mayor and Commissioner Mark Busch had a video posted of him on the website Rumble. This video was posted in his support from the Stop the Steal movement. Vice Mayor Busch spoke to the camera and stated "“He’s going to have 1-2 million people sitting outside of the Capitol, they better do the right thing. And these people... they’re foaming at the mouth mad right now. They’ve got the pitchforks and torches and if they don’t do what they should be doing, watch out, all bets are off, and you know what, maybe we have to go through that because they’re just not listening to us. I think at this point we don’t care anymore. ...Whatever it takes”

Vice Mayor Busch needs to know that we do care about our beautiful and diverse city. He needs to be aware that he has spent the last two years being the commissioner to all citizens of Casselberry. His comments and presence at these rallies do not show that. Vice Mayor Busch cannot call for the unity of our city and country after his remarks. He is dangerous and we must show him that his words matter. We cannot allow our elected officials to speak violent rhetoric and get away with it. We are calling on the resignation of Mark Busch.