Save the Noordhoek Wetlands from Collapse

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I believe that the approval of the proposed Phase 1 of Houmoed Avenue goes against the City of Cape Town's mandate to protect wetlands and biodiversity and this approval should be reversed.

The CIty of Cape Town wishes to build an unnecessary road through what is sadly the last healthy and well functioning part of the Pick 'n Pay reedbed (forms part of the Noordhoek Wetland System).  These wetlands have been ignored and mistreated for many years and if this road goes ahead, it may very well result in tipping the scales of the already burdened system and causing it's collapse. Animals, birds and reptiles rely on this system for breeding, hunting and habitat. 

The existing road reserve should be re-zoned and re-classified as a nature reserve, where it can be properly managed and preserved for the good of all residents of area.  The problem of traffic congestion CANNOT be solved by building more roads, we need clean, safe, reliable and affordable PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

I believe that the "need and desirability" for this road has been exaggerated and therefore I need your support.