Remunerate City of Cape Town Fire Fighters for their hours worked.

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The City of Cape Town fire and Rescue service operational staff are contracted as 40 hour workers(40h x 4weeks = 160hours/month). But because they are a service that needs to be available 24/7, 365 days a year they work 24 hour shifts on an average of 10 days a month (24hours x 10days = 240hours/month). Meaning they have to work a compulsory 80hours overtime a month.

They have what they call a Fire lapse agreement that was in place to account for these 80hours to remunerate them fairly which will be explained in depth further on. This Laspe Agreement has expired in 2010 and in good faith the fire fighters have been working according to it since, until recently they have given notice to walk away.

The Lapse agreement pays the FireFighters a 22.8% on their basic salary for these 80 hours overtime worked. If we break it down...

10% =Shift Allowance

12.8%= For the 80hours worked overtime(including sunday and public holidays).

So based on a normal given 24hour shift, they are paid only 12.8% of thei basic salary as apposed to the standard and fair 150%(day and a half).

Meaning  they only get compensated 8.5% for the compulsory overtime on a normal working day opposed to the legislative 150%(a day and a half).

And a 6.4% for working a Sunday or public holiday opposed to the legislative 200%(double pay).

We urge you to help them get through this abuse of managerial power held over them and help them through this fight to get fair remuneration for their hours worked.

 added, for the month their meal Allowance is R245... meaning they get R24.50 for their 24hour shift as a meal Allowance.

And unlike any other Fire Department, we do not recieve danger pay whatsoever.