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Petitioning City of Calgary, Ward 6 - Alderman Richard Pootmans

Ban the application pesticides and herbicides in Strathcona Community

Coming home to Calgary, feels great, but then I see these warning signs all around my neighborhood at each park, about herbicide breaks my heart and makes me feel apprehensive about going outside. The saddest, most alarming part is, these parks are primarily populated with kids...these little, innocent, lungs-still-in-development-stage kids, who are getting the first hand effects of chemical applications...all for what? For an "aesthetically" pleasing green space. I also wonder who decided that is what we strive for because, in fact, weeds of all kinds are an important part of soil health, helping to bring the required nutrients to the soil and helping it thrive. 

Applying these known toxins to our parks puts all of our health at risk, no matter where we live in this world.

We as a community need to stand up for what is right. More importantly, these parks are where our kids play, sitting in the grass, touching it, smelling it, eating it...everything curious kids do, these parks and grasses should not be full of toxic chemicals!

These kids, whose lungs are still in development stage, and whose skin is like a sponge, absorbing everything it comes in contact with, deserve to have clean air and a chemical free playing ground, as do we, parents, community members, and individuals, alike.

Moreover the application is harmful to the amazing wildlife we are so fortunate enough to see in our own backyards, and our own pets, too. It endangers their health and continued application of these substances could eliminate wildlife from our communities.

Please sign this petition to prevent our parks from becoming a toxic play area, and keep our community happy and healthy.


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