Help stop BSL from happening in Calgary

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Fellow dog lovers!! BSL (which means Breed Specific Legislation). Calgary is considering some crazy bylaws including the potential ban of pit bulls. The city of calgary wants to potentially ban pities from off leash parks, muzzle them 24/7 when in public and not allow them to be off leash amongst other things. As a pit bull owner myself it is heartbreaking that people still insist on blaming the breed of dog. They are saying it is because of there strength and power, but they do not have the strongest bite force and are not the only strong dog breed out there. All factors in the environment that surround all dogs have an effect on how they behave just like us humans. It’s time we stop blaming the breed and start blaming the owners. Dogs aren’t born mean and aggressive, they are made that way by there owners. Please take the time to sign the petition to help stop the city of calgary from making this bylaw happen. Let’s be the voice for all the pups out there who can’t speak for them selves!