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A proposal has been made to build a wake park in the pristine agricultural area of Quindalup, Western Australia. We have until February 15th to have a say about the proposal, which includes a 750x110m boat lake, a 340x110m cable-ski lake, a 110x70m learner’s lake, an aqua park plus 6 chalets.

There are so many impacts this proposal could impose, including but not limited to:
Draining the local ground water of 260 million litres (~100 Olympic sized swimming pools) and annually thereafter using over 100 million litres to maintain evaporation rates, seepages and irrigation. In an already drying climate, the immediate farming properties which produce important crops and food, we can’t afford to have water wasted in such an irresponsible, and short sighted manner.

Destroying the habitat of the critically endangered Dunsborough Burrowing Crayfish and the endangered Brush-Tailed Phascogale. These two animals amongst other endangered species are currently on the same endangered list as the Black Rhino, the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat and the Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin.

For those who have travelled on Wildwood Road, you would know that it is already a very windey, narrow and dangerous road which has already claimed the life of a young woman less than 600m from the proposed site. If the proposal was to go ahead, by the developers own figures the traffic will increase by 30% of cars and boat trailers a day, therefor increasing the risk of another fatal accident. And if they were to widen the will be at your, the rate payers, expense.

The developers noise assessment states that a ski boat on the straight or turning in the “Boat Lake” will be between 102 – 103 decibels – comparable to what is experienced in a sheet metal factory (Safework Australia, 2017). Currently, the largest noise emitted in the immediate vicinity of the proposed site comes from sheep and the odd tractors!

If the Spearwood Cable-ski and Water Park with an addressable population 482 times the Dunsborough population couldn’t make the venture work (closed in 2004 due to financial difficulties), then it is impossible to believe in the attractiveness and survival of a park that relies heavily on one-off ‘destination’ travellers.

Above all else, this development will erode all financial value from surrounding property, but would also blight the Yallingup region. The land is currently zoned as ‘Agricultural’ which the developers are aiming to have rewritten. If this were to happen, this could pave the way to other industrial style developments in the area.

Comments on the proposal are to be submitted to the Council in writing, on or before Thursday 15th February 2018, quoting Reference No. DA17/1002. Please forward emailed submissions to

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