The Jefferson Ave. Crosswalk needs Speed Humps

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On Jefferson Avenue, by Canisius College, there is a crosswalk that students and school faculty (along with anyone else using the sidewalk) use on a regular basis.  Over a year ago, somebody ran into and took out one of the two crossing lights and it still has not been fixed.  About a week ago, my close friend, and a well known face around Campus,  Matthew Walker, was using the crosswalk, when a driver sped through, attempted to swerve around the people in the crosswalk, and ran into him head on.  He is still in the hospital, having gone through surgeries and experiencing immense pain and discomfort.  

Cars regularly speed through crowds of people in that crosswalk, narrowly missing them - the majority of Canisius students could tell you about almost being run over, at least once, in that crosswalk.  Installing speed humps would be the best and most effective solution, as extra caution lights at the crosswalk and the presence of campus police have failed to increase the safety of crossing Jefferson. 

This is an urgent problem that puts hundreds of lives at risk every day, not just isolated to school hours (which themselves can range from 8 am to 9 pm).  When we are not in a pandemic, people are using that street at all hours of the night, as it is a college community.  College campuses are already not included in School Speed Zones, so we have very little protection from erratic drivers while navigating the campus throughout the day.  

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