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Asking for the RESIGNATION of Brockton Personnel Director Maureen Cruise

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To: Mayor William Carpenter- City of Brockton, MA

City Council- City of Brockton, MA

WE, the Residents of the City of Brockton, Massachusetts are coming together in solidarity to request the immediate resignation of Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel for the City of Brockton. According to the evidence presented in the civil lawsuit brought forth by a former resident, Russell Lopes, who had the courage to confront the hiring discrimination and bullying he had to endure when he applied and was denied a DPW Diesel Mechanic job in August of 2010, we the following Petitioners are requesting immediate action be taken to end this type of injustice that violates the integrity of all who are in charge of our local City Government.

Mr. Lopes' lawsuit claimed that he was not only denied the diesel mechanic position due to racial discrimination, he was also retaliated against by the city at his home by Fire Department Lt. Eddie Williams and Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Uhlman, when they both showed up with Mr. Uhlman armed when he arrived in his cruiser, after Mr. Lopes publicly complained about the hiring situation. To add to this, Ms. Maureen Cruise and Ward 1 City Councilor Tim Cruise publicly attempted to humiliate and retaliate against Mr. Lopes again by quoting in the Enterprise article in July 2011, that Mr. Lopes was not qualified for the position. Mr. Russel Lopes, in his lawsuit, claimed he had the right background for the job, with at least six years of experience in the field and an Associate's degree in Mechanical Engineering, in addition to a certification as an outdoor power technician. Mr. Lopes’s  Attorney, Phillip Gordon alleged and provided evidence that his client's case was all part of a pattern of racially discriminatory practices in the City of Brockton that has existed for decades. The jury who heard this case, reviewed the evidence and documents, decided that the City of Brockton did in fact allow discrimination in their hiring practices, with Maureen Cruise as Director of Personnel. Mr. Lopes has been awarded 4 million dollars.  In the end, Attorney Gordon proved what many residents in the city and people who have visited the city have known for many years………

Everything that happens in the City of Brockton has always seemed to be “just a coincidence” when the status quo exercise their power and privilege! Attorney Gordon said. "Everything with the city is: someone else didn't tell the truth. Everything with the city is belied by their own documents and their own testimony."

Based on the aforementioned evidence, the Residents of the City of Brockton, as signed Petitioners therefore request that Mayor Carpenter and the Brockton City Councilors immediately take the following actions:

1.      Immediate firing of Director of Personnel, Maureen Cruise

2.      An investigation into the discrimination, bullying and retaliation that Mr. Lopes endured at his home and who ordered that to take place.

3.      Auditing of the City of Brockton hiring practices for the last 10 years, that to include hires, promotions and denied people with breakdown by race and ethnicity for all Departments, that to include Brockton Public Schools.

4.      A Diversity and Sensitivity Course be developed and administered for all City Employees, that to include Schools and Committees.

5.      Appoint a Diversity Officer and a civilian from the Community.

6.      Provide for a Feedback Box in the Mayor’s Office that is reviewed by the Diversity Officer who will record and report back to the Mayor and City Councilors.

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