Stop Aggressive Parking Enforcement in Downtown Brantford

Stop Aggressive Parking Enforcement in Downtown Brantford

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In 2017, the City of Brantford put out a tender for Parking Enforcement.  Through that process, a new company was hired to enforce parking bylaws in Downtown Brantford.  The new company is called Neptune Security Services.  (source:

It hasn't gone well.

Neptune Parking Enforcement officers are needlessly aggressive in their pursuit of ticketing.  This has caused a decrease in traffic to Downtown Brantford.  Every day, people who come downtown are unfairly and needlessly ticketed and will reconsider returning to our downtown core.

Neptune Parking Enforcement officers (in my personal experience) have been very rude and unpleasant to deal with.  They're not reasonable in their approach and are quick to ticket vehicles that are legally parked.

This petition is to ask the City of Brantford and Neptune Security Services to step in resolve these issues.  We fully accept that the contract was rewarded to Neptune, but they need to reconsider their approach and the damage they are doing to the Downtown and it's businesses.

Please share your story when signing the petition.  If you no longer come downtown because of the parking, please share that too.  Let's get 1,000 signatures to bring to City Hall and see if we can make some changes.