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Help me Save Misty! Share this post and help me make this post go viral! WE HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME BEFORE SHE WILL BE PUT DOWN! This little girl is terrified and shaking, and the animal control won't let her leave because she bites. But its because she is scared! I guarantee that if my dogs were at the pound, they would bite too..because they would be terrified. He wouldn't even let a rescue group take her..and they work with dogs to socialize them and get them ready for homes! A poor innocent little dog is going to be put down for no reason. Breaks my heart!

This is what happened when I tried to get her. These are these are texts to my fiance that I copied and pasted. "They wouldnt let me get the little chihuahua. They said they won't give out dogs that bite bc it could come back on them. That poor baby was sitting at the back of the cage shaking. they are gonna put her down and not even try to get her a home. I guarantee if my dogs were in an animal shelter they would be scared and trying to bite people too"

This is what the lady who originally posted her picture on here said. "I just tried to get Misty today. So, I'd like to thank the 2 ladies who gave up this poor old little girl because they didn't care if she lived or died. Because of your irresponsible act of abandonment, she will die Thursday.
She will not be released. Not as an adoption, not as a rescue, because she is labeled a "biter". A little, old, scared to death, shivering, sad, lonely, abandoned innocent life.... a biter. Because she is scared in a strange place, scared of strange people, fearful for her life, she may react to defend herself from possible harm, because she is frightened.
She will be euthanized this Thursday.
I wish the 2 women who abandoned her could walk into the EU room his Thursday, and watch the fright in her eyes as this angel lady will be administered her lethal dose.
I wonder how you two can sleep at night knowing you are direct responsible for this tragedy."

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