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Change their hours so that more animals have the chance of being adopted

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City of Beaumont's Animal Services is currently only open during the limited hours of 9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday. This means that for working class folks, they are unable to visit the shelter unless they take a day off from work, which many people simply cannot afford to do.

If the City of Beaumont Animal Services were to extend their hours past 4pm in the afternoon, more people would be able to stop by the shelter on their way home from work. The more exposure the animals get, the lower the euthanasia rate will be.

This does not mean you have to spend more money. By opening later in the morning, around 11am, you can keep the same number of hours without spending any more money. People are more likely to swing by after work instead of dropping by before work.

We would like to see the hours extended to 6:00 or 6:30, but due to staffing, we understand that this may not be possible. Even 5:00 or 5:30 would be better than 4:00, as most people do not get off until 4:00 or later. Intake would end at 4:00.

In addition to the extended hours, Beaumont Animal Services should also be open on Saturdays and possibly Sundays. Weekend days would be for adoptions only, with no intake on those days. If staffing is an issue, even limited hours on those days would help, as most people do not work on the weekend and this should bring in more adopters. 

*Added 9/26/13*

Also, please network the animals more on Facebook and other media. Create adoption events. They don't all have to be animal driven. Car shows and link sales are very will raise money as well as create awareness. You can bring some of the animals that have been at the shelter the longest to these events. Take your animals to Petco or Petsmart on the weekends. Even if they are already booked, most of the rescues are willing to share their space for another animal or two. Spaying and neutering is only part of the equation; the rest takes effort.

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