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Revoke 40-day eviction notice on Kern County Animal Control Shelter

Without warning or consultation with its citizens, the City of Bakersfield, California, has ordered the Kern County Animal Control Shelter {] to relocate from City property by October 1st [].

That might not seem very important; but it translates into the sudden, unplanned-for relocation of 700+ animals, staff, equipment, and supplies in 40 days. Remember that these animals are the most-needy and helpless in Kern County AND the City of Bakersfield - they are being used as pawns in a power-struggle between the City and the County that is not their fault, nor the fault of the staff that care for them on a daily basis in already difficult and financially fraught circumstances. In a city and county already overrun with strays, abandoned, and all too often abused animals, the City of Bakersfield is throwing common sense and decency out the window. Bakersfield and Kern County's human citizens have not been consulted nor assented to this move by the City, and the City Council and City Manager [] should be reminded of that fact.

Please join me, as an animal lover and concerned citizen of Bakersfield, Kern County, California in encouraging the City of Bakersfield to negotiate with Kern County and Kern Animal Control to find a reasonable and permanent solution to the Shelter's status and location, and not to condemn hundreds of animals to at best stressful and uncertain relocation and at worst euthanasia.

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