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Let the flags at Hyde Park Market stay!

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The flags at Hyde Park Market (a.ka."The Flag Store") have been ordered to be taken down because the city is classifying them as a sign, which Hyde Park Market does not have a permit for. These flags have occupied the space for around five years without complaint, until recently. In order to avoid a $2,000/day fine, the owner of the store has taken down the flags.

The is a landmark in Hyde Park, and Austin as a whole. Would Austin be the same if "I Love You So Much" was taken down? It's a part of Austin, Hyde Park, and the culture to "Keep Austin Weird."

The application for a sign permit ( does not specifically classify a flag as a sign, and the language is vague as to a sign falling under the need for a permit.

The flags should stay up until this situation can be resolved through the proper channels, not by levying a fine and causing an Austin landmark to be stripped of its character.

Let the flags stay!

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