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Brad Levi Ayala is a 16 year old who attended a protest in Austin Texas. An officer from the Austin police department SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD. The officer responsible has yet to be identified, but this is absolutely unacceptable. Brad Levi Ayala was a protester exercising his first amendment RIGHTS. In no world should a teenager be shot for advocating for justice. Rubber bullets were never designed to be shot directly at people, ESPECIALLY not at a teenager’s head. We need to DEMAND for the officer involved to be fired and charged. We cannot tolerate officers getting away with endangering the lives of future generations. We cannot allow them to  silence us! The media is hyper fixated on looters and rioters yet there are blatant acts of police brutality occurring everywhere. The actions of the police force has been reckless. We need Austin’s Chief of Police, Brian Manley to take accountability for mismanaging the department and bring justice to Brad Levi Ayala and his family. Although he was lucky enough to survive a round of “less lethal bullets” he should have never been put through such extensive trauma.