Help for the artists, businesses, and citizens hurt by SXSW cancellation.

Help for the artists, businesses, and citizens hurt by SXSW cancellation.

March 8, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Austin Forward

The cancellation of SXSW 2020 will have significant negative consequences across the Austin community. is committed to finding relief and solutions for everyone negatively impacted by this development. Please support the artists, businesses, and citizens who make Austin and SXSW the unique experience that it is. Please sign our petition here to lend your support.

In the weeks ahead, will petition local and state governments for specific relief measures to help those negatively impacted. We appreciate your support.


Q: What is your goal?
A: To raise awareness of the impact of canceling SXSW and to encourage local and state government relief efforts. Canceling the festival will harm thousands of artists, filmmakers, musicians, business owners, employees, restaurants, wait staff, Uber drivers, bartenders, event planners… the list goes on. It may have been the right thing to do to prevent the spread of infectious disease, but now there is work to do repairing the damage to Austin.

Q: Why not start a GoFundMe?
A: The decision to cancel the festival was a governmental decision. Relief should come from the same source. A GoFundMe would be too complicated to track and disperse, with no accountability. This effort is transparent, non-partisan, and non-political, seeking only to direct local and state governments to help repair the damage done by this declaration of disaster.

Q: Who is “Austin Forward?”
A: Austin Forward is everyone concerned with keeping our city healthy, vibrant, and strong. Together we can weather this storm, but our fellow citizens need our support.

Q: Can I directly support those in need?
A: Yes! We're inspired by this effort - You can read individual stores and offer support directly to those hit hardest.

Q: What else can I do?
A: Go out to eat! Go see a live show! Get out and enjoy the Live Music Capital of the World! The weather is great, the BBQ is even better, and Austin is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. Make sure your network knows that there has never been a better time to visit Austin!

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Signatures: 706Next Goal: 1,000
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