Approve The Rainbow Crosswalks In Austin, TX

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Approve The Rainbow Crosswalks In Austin, TX

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Started by Paul Huddleston

The Rainbow Crosswalks for the 4th & Colorado area were approved by the Austin City Council in 2014, with the caveat that the proposal be sent to the City Of Austin Art & Cultural Board for Artwork Donation Approval. That Art & Cultural Board voted it down, due to, in part, the 'lack of public support', which was initially gathered on their website, prior to the Board Meeting/Vote. They were also swayed by a couple of local businesses that didn't want the rainbow crosswalks near their businesses. It is important to note that the City of Austin is in support of the proposed crosswalks. Support is to be reintroduced to the City and the Arts & Cultural Board for approval. Please take a moment and sign this petition, which will be presented to the City Council as proof of public support for this project.

What The Rainbow Crosswalks Will Represent?

Above all, the crosswalks will be an indication of Austin's inclusion, unity, and acceptance.

It will stand as a beacon and a symbol of diversity to everyone who lives in and visits Austin, as a city that is welcome to and accepting of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The initial installation is proposed to be provided by the City of Austin. Up keep and repainting will be paid for utilizing private funds and donations gathered by the Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation.

The Rainbow Crosswalks being installed on Bettie Naylor/4th Street is a celebration of the warehouse districts’ rich history and the legacy of Bettie Naylor. Bettie Naylor was a remarkable woman. She successfully worked and lobbied for Women’s Rights and for the LGBTQ Community. During her life, her accomplishments seem never ending. A few highlights include:

Founding Board Member of the Human Rights Campaign Founder of the Texas & National Women’s Political Caucus Groups Co-Founder of OutYouth

During her life she helped numerous organizations over the years, such as, AIDS Services of Austin, Project Transitions, Equality Texas, Austin Pride Build, American Youth Works, and NARAL Pro-Choice, just to name a few. 

The permanent LGBTQ presence on 4th Street goes back to the 1980’s and continues to this day with the opening of several LGBTQ establishments, such as:

The Boathouse, Halls, 404, OCH, Boyz Cellar, Area 52, Rain, The Forum, Rainbow Cattle Company, Highland & more.

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This petition had 4,621 supporters

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